What to start with?!

Wow..here goes my first post in this new one….I really understood now how lazy I am! 😛 You’ll know why that is,  after reading a couple of lines!

Hm..I really think the title is really apt.When you start a blog or a site wanting to fill that with every content possible there comes a doubt ‘what to start with?’ What to blog and what not to?!

I too am a human and faced the same difficulty.It’s almost been about 2 months(Haha! that’s the reason why I said I was lazy, Lol! Just kidding I couldn’t get the apt one to stat) or so that I created this blog and wrote nothing! Hm…truly speaking I literally didn’t try much to fill this one! But, I guess this is the time to take it seriously….

Having a self-opinion is damn important and I really think that’s what is gonna push me and make me blog in this site. I really understood how difficult it is to blog on something which you hardly have grip on..
Any way I would really love to blog and make you people explore my perspective of vision! 🙂

And by the way I would also like to post some of my pics that I have taken.Though I am not a professional, I manage to take pretty fair pictures!

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